Eleven presents: Eliz Baya – New Life

Pop dance singer-songwriter Eliz Baya presents her Debut EP: “New Life”.
Two exciting singles “Walls So High” and “Don’t Lie To Me” released in December and January are included in her Debut EP which is out now on all digital stores.

Eliz Baya is a Slovakian descent, she spent many years in London where she was influenced by multicultural thinking and shaped her voice while playing live and touring internationally. Her new journey is undoubtedly inspired by modern era pop music with influences from Scandinavian and UK pop artists.

“New Life” is a mix of electro pop sound with crisp vocals and cool melody, the lyrics are thoughtful, adding extra depth to the song. Don’t miss it!

Listen now (Eliz Baya- New Life) via our Pop Dance playlist below:

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