Eleven presents: Addie Hamilton – Tangerine

Grammy & Emmy nominated singer/songwriter Addie Hamilton from Orange(California), has released her superb single ‘Tangerine’ available now on all digital stores.

Addie started producing music at a young age and has had her music featured on many hit shows such as Riverdale, The Good Place and Katie Keene.

Influenced by timeless sounds of Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman and Eartha Kitt and by her infatuation with 1930-60’s jazz, swing and R&B, she started the staples of inspiration for her own sound.

For Addie, the song is about focusing on the beauty in life and to keep faith when the world tells you otherwise, about her new single “Tangerine”, she said: “I wanted abstract lyrics so that the listener could connect their own meaning to them. For me, Tangerine is a reminder to focus on the beauty in life. To believe that miracles can happen. To keep faith when the world around you says otherwise. As if you are living in a black and white film and you are the only one who sees the red, blue, tangerine”.

Listen below (Addie Hamilton -Tangerine) via our Pop dance playlist :

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