Eleven presents: Lorensa – Birthday

Talented R&B -singer Lorensa is back with her latest single “Birthday”, available now on all digital stores.

Lorensa – Birthday

Her passion for music was born when she was 8, in fact she said: “The first time I remember myself singing is when I was 8, right when my father passed away. I was in the bathroom and I started crying and singing my own words and I felt an emotional release right after. it’s addictive. Since then it’s all history”. 

Talking about “Birthday”, Lorensa said: “Birthday is a song that speaks about friendship and self discovery. In the last 5 years I live far away from home, away from my family. Celebrating my birthday in a place that I never fit in, and isn’t like home, has been weird for me. I moved to the USA to pursue my dream as a music artist «I don’t want no present, don’t want no surprise – I just want my dreams and future to collide», that line expresses exactly how I feel.  The song is not a traditional “happy” birthday song. I wrote it 2 days after my birthday, while I was sad. «Words don’t mean a thing, what can you show to me?», that’s me saying “don’t just wish me a happy birthday, don’t just give me your advice: show me a happy birthday – be a real friend”.

So, speaking about the meaning behind the track and production, Lorensa said: “My producer Enzo is a genius. We love the same kind of music – R&B. He is the producer of ‘Birthday’.That’s funny how we met; I was in the studio for the first time a couple of months after I moved to Los Angeles, when the pandemic just happened. I was listening to beats I got from some producers and I didn’t feel anything. Enzo is one of the engineers in that studio, he came when i just told my co-writer “I need some r&b vibes…” He was like: “I have something for you…” and yeah right away I knew that I wanna work with him for the long run”.

COMING SOON: We’re waiting for her new single “Somebody Will” that will be out on April 9th, influenced by 90s R&B mood and nostalgic vibes, stay tuned.


Listen below  (Lorensa –  Birthday) via our Pop Dance playlist:

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