Eleven presents: Zkeletonz – Porsche To Berlin

Electro-pop trio Zkeletonz return for the new year with ‘Porsche To Berlin’, available now on all digital stores.

Musically, ‘Porsche To Berlin’ mixes diverse influences in a fun and ambitious cocktail. Falsetto vocals fizz against a powerful techno-influenced beat and stomping bassline, climaxing towards the unforgettable hook. 

Produced by the band themselves, the song even recreates Porsche engine noise using only analogue synthesizers, and samples excited clubbers chatting in the queue outside a famous Berlin nightclub.

The song is catchy, uplifting, and melodically charming, a mix of beautiful vocals and synthesizers that spread magical vibes. 

Listen below  (Zkeletonz – Porsche To Berlin) via our TikTok playlist:

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