Eleven presents: Con Killion – Prada U

American R&B singer/songwriter Con Killion from Detroit (Michigan) is back with his latest single “Prada U”, which is available now on all digital platforms.

Influenced by the legendary Motown roster, Con Killion is a reflective storyteller with a sultry voice that croons seamlessly over contemporary productions and “Prada U” reflect his maturity and extraordinary vocals talent.

At age seventeen, Killion began competing in various singing competitions, including first place finishes in Hometown Idol and in Canada’s Emancipation Idol. He later auditioned for The X-Factor and American Idol, advancing several rounds before the television episodes began. Motivated by these experiences, Killion began releasing music with his business partner and songwriting collaborator Marcus Mims. After a few successful singles, the duo is now working on his debut EP and more new music in 2021.

Don’t miss “Prada U” by Con Killion.

Listen now (Con Killion – Prada U) via our Tiktok playlist below:

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