Eleven presents: Bethan John – I’m Doing Fine

Artist Bethan John shares her single “I’m Doing Fine” which is available on all digital stores.

Bethan John

Influenced by pop sound, Bethan John created a strong and emotive production with beautiful and distinctive vocals, combined with solid piano, cool rhythms and soulful harmonies.

About her single, she said: “‘I’m Doing Fine’ was influenced by a break-up I had last year. This song I wrote not long afterwards, I wasn’t planning on it but the words “been another day without seeing your face again”came into my head one day when I was working, and the rest just fit into place.‘I’m Doing Fine’ was the first song I’d written on my own in a very long time. As my older releases were co-written with him (ex). Even though it’s a break-up song and like all break-ups they hurt and are very hard to get over, it gave me this song, which helped me open my eyes and realise that even though it feels like at that moment you’ll never be okay, and I wouldn’t be able to do it, that the feeling does fade and that I am doing fine on my own”. 

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Bethan John – I’m Doing Fine ) via our Pop dance playlist :

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