Eleven presents: MARBL – It’s Always Our O’clock Somewhere

Israeli folk / pop musician MARBL shared her single “It’s Always Our O’clock Somewhere” which is available on all digital stores.

It’s Always Our O’clock Somewhere” is really well produced, with depth guitars sound and touching mood, her extraordinary vocals will remain printed in your memory.

About the single, she said :“ “I wrote this song right after a breakup. At first I tried not to write, it was too fresh and too painful. After not touching the piano for a few days, I picked up the guitar, which I had only started learning as an instrument three months earlier. The music and the lyrics gushed out of me with such force that I couldn’t resist. It was like first aid for my heart. The song is about this feeling of leaving a part of you behind while your common sense doesn’t understand the language of the heart and you can’t feel relieved because of it”.

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (MARBL – It’s Always Our O’clock Somewhere) via our Pop playlist :

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