Eleven presents: Luan Mei – Yellow Remix

Singer/Songwriter Luan Mei is back with her latest release “Yellow Remix”, available on all digital stores.

In February 2021, Luan collaborated with the producer Tiiva, releasing her remix of ‘Yellow‘.

Discussing about the collaboration, Tiiva said: Luan Mei’s song called my attention as it’s the perfect emotive journey that an LGBTQIA person goes through, discovering themselves and the new landscape of realizations. As soon as I heard it I wanted to dive in and make a remix, adding fun to all the conversations about life. Our queerness and music identity heavily inspired where I wanted to take this song.”

Inspired by indie, pop ,funk, and soul music as her natural way of creating music, Luan Mei has the power of bringing the audience inside her vibrant and rhythmic style of playing: her fingerstyle guitar work adds a very rhythmic edge to her writing, which beautifully underpins her catchy melodies. Her unique voice and energy when playing challenge anybody to remain indifferent.

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Luan Mei – Yellow Remix ) via our TikTok playlist :

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