Eleven presents: tiger lily – best u ever had <3

Los Angeles-based Pop artist tiger lily releases her latest single “best u ever had ❤”, which is available on all digital platforms.

Influenced by Troye Sivan, Dempsey Hope, and LANY she was inspired by Pop culture but she think of herself as a rocker chick, in fact she said: “I grew up covering The Pixies and Radiohead with my rock band, watching The Who and Queen concerts, and learning 90s grunge trivia. My idols were always rockstars like Kurt Cobain and David Bowie. To me, they’re the coolest ever and always will be”.

About her single “best u ever had ❤”, tiger lily said: “One day I’ll write a tell-all memoir SNL can raid for skit ideas, but, long story short, I wrote ‘best u ever had <3’ as an anthem for everyone out there who has been unjustly ghosted and as an ode to every guy who opted to miss out on dating me. They thought they were avoiding getting a song written about them, but they thought wrong”.


Don’t miss it!

Listen below (tiger lily – best u ever had ❤) via our Pop dance playlist :

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