Eleven presents: Brie Spaulding – Alibi

Chicago based singer-songwriter Brie Spaulding shared her single called “Alibi”, available on all digital stores.

Influenced by artists like FINNEAS, Banks, Clairo, Sabrina Claudio, Billie Eilish and more, she creates music that transcends genre and highlights both the darkness and the comfort of hope that define human experience.

About “Alibi” she said: “The process of creating Alibi was kind of an unusual one for me. I knew I wanted that overall dark-synth sound from the beginning, but I completely rewrote the lyrics four times. I tend to keep most of the lyrics that flow out in the initial writing process. Usually the first thing that comes to my mind is what I really mean, but writing Alibi was more like peeling back the layers of an onion. There was a lot of hurt behind it, and the first write came off as very surface-level anger. I was definitely angry, but that wasn’t quite what I was trying to say. Each rewrite got me a little closer to the core until I eventually landed on the released version that really isn’t so much about being mad anymore, but about feeling hurt, guilty, depressed, betrayed, scared. When you lose someone really close to you, the feelings you’re left with are complicated like that, but it took a little work to draw that vulnerability from myself. Actually, I wrote the final lyrics after the third version had already been fully recorded. While I was working on production though, I realized what I recorded still wasn’t quite authentic enough. I cried through the entire last rewrite, and that’s how I really knew I was finally writing honest lyrics”.

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Brie Spaulding – Alibi) via our Pop playlist :

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