Eleven presents: Felyce – Hope

French singer-songwriter Felyce has teamed up with director Zoë Cappagli to unveil the music video for her song “Hope”.

The track released in late 2019 now has beautiful visuals to illustrate it.

Hope” finds Felyce delivering strong vocals and an incredible visual performance while singing words of desperation and self-indulgence, exclaiming during the song: “I’m depressed yes, I need the dopamine”.

The song is accompanied by a stunning 90s themed visual, co-directed by Zoe Cappagli and Nina Cheval which perfectly captures the essence of the storyline. The main character of the story, Felyce, is stuck in a routine but feels out of control. Her sadness shows as she suffers from her own company, an emotion that seems to be replaced by joy and hope as she stands before this blue background.

About the song, Felyce said: “This is a song I wrote when I was so desperate I didn’t care anymore. I was self sabotaging myself knowingly and nothing could stop me. I knew I’d feel like shit right after but it felt like those few minutes of bliss were worth the pain. So glad I found these amazing people to help me put my emotions into visuals”. 


Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Felyce – Hope) via our Pop dance playlist:

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