Eleven presents : H3rizon – Serious (Official Interview)

Talented Pop group H3rizon are back with their new single “Serious” available on all digital platforms.

We’re happy to share all the details behind their projects, so let’s dive into the interview!


Tell us more about the “H3rizon” group (the story behind the project).

Before H3rizon, we each performed a lot as soloists around Sydney and only knew of each other through mutual gigs. We came together for this “Dreamgirls” themed concert which, looking back, was a total different scene to where we’re in now! From then on, we continued gigging together as a trio, and as we got to know each other better, we discovered we each share a passion for songwriting. We knew that we could do amazing things as a girl group, so after a few doozies like “Maurilo” (short for Mauritian-Filipino to represent our cultural backgrounds), we finally came up with the best name for us: H3rizon. Our name sums up a saying that we believe in: “She’s got her hands on the wheel, and her eyes on the horizon.” To us, this means to never lose sight of who we are but also what we want to become. It represents a new beginning for us.

Your newest single is called ‘Serious’ and we absolutely love it, How did this song come about, is it based on a personal experience?

We LOVE that you love it. This is actually the second song we’ve ever written together! This happened around 3 years ago when we were just starting out as H3rizon. So we felt obliged to kick off our girl group journey with a Y2k-esque, Spice Girls type Pop beat! For the production of SERIOUS, we wanted to add a personal touch to it by using Gabby’s voice memo of a composition for her school assignment. Our producer manipulated the sound, and created this melodic motif from it that you hear throughout the song. And during the writing process, we definitely drew on our own personal experiences. We were a bit cheeky during the writing process and came up with this fun take on relationships from the POV of someone who doesn’t want to be held down. To the fans and inspirations of SERIOUS – we hope you enjoy 🙂 (sorry, not sorry)

Your sound is really catchy and trendy, Who are some of the artists that inspire you?

Aww thanks! We can definitely agree that the two TALENTED women of ChloexHalle are our true inspirations. They’re so unique and they’re not afraid to push boundaries with their creativity.  And we’re proud to say that they reposted our cover of “Forgive Me”! We were so stoked to be noticed by them, and hopefully one day we’d reach a point where we’d be able to collaborate 🙂

Describe your creative process when you write new music. What does your music say about you?

We tend to start with the chorus a lot, which we each have a hand in creating. We feel like it sets the tone for the rest of the song and we get a better idea of how the other verses would sound like. Writing the chorus of SERIOUS is the first of many experiences of hyping each other up, screaming, laughing and frantically bouncing off each other’s ideas. And we had our own verses to write which ended up being the parts we sang solo, so each verse is unique to us. Continuing the writing process with each of us taking a verse is usually the way to go, but sometimes we’d jump in with an idea to help a girl out!

Writing isn’t just the extent of our creative process. Bernie also has a hand in the production of our songs whether it’s co-producing, or her solely producing. Combining that with Gabby’s classical upbringing, and Tay’s R&B background, our music can show our versatility and how multifaceted we are as a group.


We love the colors and the vibe of the ‘Serious’ music video, how did you come up with the concept for the visuals?

We all came up with the concept as a collective actually! We all had very similar ideas and prior to filming the “Serious” music video, we created presentations to represent the image we hoped to portray. We wanted to go bright, colourful, much like a Y2k-esque vibe. Given that the message behind the video was to “not take life too seriously”, we wanted to play with as many vibrant colours that we could. Being a cook, aerobics instructor or weatherwoman, no matter what lifestyle, we want to show the world that you can have so much fun regardless of any sticky situation you’re in!

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

Social media is the core of the music business. To run your business, you need to make sure you’re across all social media platforms, engaging with your audiences as much as possible and creating content that not only will your followers love but being in touch with the content you create. The internet is a prime source for all your traction. In this day and age, you have to begin your music business across the internet. That’s the first step in paving your way to success!

Your Instagram aesthetic and your style are absolute goals, where do you draw your style inspiration from?

We all have very diverse styles, however, always seem to compliment each other. Sometimes we end up accidentally matching. We’re so lucky to have a team who is extremely creative in a musical and stylistic approach. We all have Pinterest boards where we share all of our fashion aesthetics on and this is the best way to get to know each other’s style inspirations. I suppose bouncing off of each other’s Pinterest board ideas allow us to share similar wardrobes and look as best as we can mixing and matching items – skirts, tops, pants, accessories etc.

How are you planning to use the platform yourself to continue growing your fanbase?

The most important thing to go off during lockdown is staying in touch with each other on a daily basis and sharing our content ideas. This gives us the chance to explore new ideas and capture our lives behind the scenes as well. We have plenty of BTS and this is so ideal on social media during the pandemic. Our fanbase enjoy our covers and originals, but also get a taste of our lives behind the cameras and the more relatable you are, the more you grow, what we like to call, a FAMILY rather than followers. Documenting our lives in front and behind cameras on social media platforms brings us closer during such a difficult time. We plan to explore our lifestyles by using these platforms and hope to grow with all the documentation.

What’s the message you really hope to send to your fans with your platform and with your music?

We would love to see more music from female artists! We hope our music can be a new venture for an artist who is looking to find their true sound. We hope as Filipino and Mauritian female artists we can explore more of our cultures in Western music. Utilising social media platforms will hopefully give us the opportunity to spread our message as far as possible!

What are your plans for the future? Tell us more about your future projects/releases.

We have lots coming up. Lots of surprises, projects and releases that are currently in the making. We’re still in talks about how we’d like to step out with our next few surprises. For the moment, we’re keeping hush hush but cannot wait to show what we’ve got in store. Through this journey, we hope to put smiles on everyone’s faces as we continue to explore our sound.


Don’t miss it!

Listen below (H3rizon – Serious) via our TikTok playlist:

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