Eleven presents: Cindy-Louise – Femme Fatale

Talented independent artist Cindy-Louise shared her single “Femme Fatale” which is available on all digital stores.

Cindy-Louise’s music style is unique in the way that she combines genres and pushes her vocal ability to the extreme. She started her career in 2019 and has already been featured in Huisgenoot magazine, News24 lifestyle and on Jacaranda FM.

The track, written by the artist herself, was recorded by Frank de Jong/Hal5 Studio. She once again collaborated with Clinton Nicholas Watts (chief mixer) and Andre Remesses Scheepers (arrangement and additional instrumentation) to ensure a flawless track. In addition to Cindy-Louise’s unique sound, the single features her trademark blend of genres – in this case, commercial pop and R&B with hints of dark pop.

About the song, she said:Let’s face it, women know they are in charge, Women are powerful, intelligent, and talented. We are born leaders. We show this every day… and we do it in heels!”.

And about the Official Music Video, she said:In support of the song’s empowering message, I wanted the music video to showcase my sexuality and confidence as a woman. I wanted to show my body and the luxury that comes with loving and embracing who I am. Of course, no Femme Fatale story would be complete without a little danger…”


Listen below  (Cindy-Louise – Femme Fatale) via our Pop Dance playlist:

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