Eleven presents: Klary – Mine

London-based artist Klarissa knows as Klary, shares her latest single “Mine”, available on all digital stores.

Influenced by artists like “The Backstreet Boys”, who inspired her to create music since she was only three years old, she sings covers of various genres, especially Pop, R&B and Rock, which are the main musical genres that inspire her music. In the past 12 years she has been part of several bands and acoustic duos but only recently she plucked the courage to work on her original music as a solo artist releasing her first and second single, “Love Again” and “Mine”. Her experiences in life tragedy, heartache, depression, return to hope, and new dreams all reflect in her songs, making her relatable to people of various walks of life.

Her latest single “Mine” contains Pop and R&B elements on production and vocals are really catchy, don’t miss it!


Listen below (Klary – Mine) via our Pop playlist:

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