Eleven presents: Alex Julia – Tunnel Vision

NY singer-songwriter Alex Julia shared her single “Tunnel Vision”, which is available on all digital stores.

Influenced by Pop, Rock and Indie sound, Alex Julia put all she was feeling into an emotive song that not only pulls at one’s heart but also comes across as more universal in the grand scheme of things. “Tunnel Vision” may have started as a personal folk ballad, but with each new listener – it can and will gain a whole new meaning. She creates a really dreamy sound with a solid “guitar”, the prevalent element on production, and her angelic vocals are depth and misty.

About the meaning of music, Alex Julia said:Music has been my way of dealing with my ptsd and depression. Music is kind of a form of meditation for me I just get lost in it. It’s always been there for me and the reason I am still alive. It’s helped me through all the bad times and helped me connect with the world”.

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Alex Julia – Tunnel Vision) via our Pop playlist:

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