Eleven presents: Cindy-Louise – Rise Up

Talented independent artist Cindy-Louise shared her single “Rise Up” which is available on all digital stores.

About the song message, she said:I wanted to write a song that lifts people up, this is really a song to start your morning off right with. Drawing inspirations from my own downfalls, this song is very personal to me. I mention the loss of friends and loved ones as a result of walking away from others expectations. The main messages portrayed is “do you, rise even when you fall, we are behind you“.

About the track composition, she said: “The track incorporates, operatic vocal notes, heavy electric guitar and unconventional electronic sounds. A true rock fusion. When I was recording the track in the studio, the chorus was just lacking that “pushing the boundaries” and that is why I sang some chorus verses in a harsh, almost screaming, voice and added in the operatic vocal notes to even out the strength and serenity I intended“.


Listen below  (Cindy-Louise – Rise Up) via our Pop playlist:

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