Eleven presents: Nikki Era – Something Beautiful

Talented artist Nikki Era shared her latest single “Something Beautiful”, which is available now on all digital stores.

Influenced by Pop and dance sound, Nikki put all she was feeling into her single “Something Beautiful”, that talks about taking up space in the world- unapologetically and to the concept of existence+duality between light and darkness in our lives.

About the meaning of her single, Nikki said: “It felt like everything was going wrong,”she says. “So I went into the studio and sat down and looked through the notes on my phone with my producer and I found a note called “something beautiful”. It wasn’t very long, just a few lines, “I can see rockets in you, boom.” And I think it was really a message to myself. I had hardly remembered recording it. And it was labeled as “something beautiful” and I think I called it that because I didn’t know what else to call these random lines of self-support.”


Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Nikki Era – Something Beautiful) via our Pop playlist:

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