Eleven presents: Alba Rose – Silhouette EP

New Zealand-based musician Alba Rose shares her latest self-produced EP, called “Silhouette”, which is available now on all digital stores.

The “Silhouette EP” contains four tracks: “Eve“, “Butterfly Kisses“, “Holding On” and “Serendipity“.

Influenced by indie-soul, pop and jazz style, she creates music that transcends genre and provides a sense of joy and harmony. 

In regard to the solo artist experience, she said: “It’s definitely different. I feel like going solo takes a lot more emotional energy, and self-motivation. You really put your heart and soul into everything you do, and there’s less turn taking to steer the ship, which can be a little overwhelming at times. So you have to really prioritise balance, and allow time and space to relax and reflect. In saying that, I have been really loving the whole process of navigating who I am as an artist through having that creative freedom and unpacking a more personal creative sound and vision. I do play, practice and sometimes write music with my band of amazing dudes who have been so unbelievably supportive throughout the whole process. I don’t think I’d even be doing this right now without my keys player Rory who really helped heaps at the beginning and gave me the confidence push I needed. So even though Alba Rose is a solo artistic identity, there’s still a team supporting me, which I feel super grateful for.”

BEHIND THE SCENES, LET’S KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST: Originally from the UK, 22-year-old Alba Rose moved to New Zealand at the tender age of four and grew up around the mountains of Wanaka. The name ‘Alba’ (meaning ‘sunrise’) is derived from her Spanish heritage and translates to ‘first light of the early dawn’ in English. Alba has made waves nationally across multiple underground scenes since building on her newly established Alba Rose artist identity. With solo material that infuses a range of R&B, Jazz, soul and indie-pop, she has already played in support of Muroki, Harper Finn and LA Women, as well as at the Festival of Colour alongside The Chills, Mel Parsons, Julia Deans and Estere.  The next 12 months look set to be even bigger for the rising artist, with dates already booked for indie summer festivals Le Currents and Tora Bombora.

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Alba Rose – “Eve” from Silhouette EP ) via our Pop playlist:

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