Eleven presents: Maria Angeli – Caught Up In A Rush

Talented artist Maria Angeli shared with us her single “Caught Up In A Rush” from the “Anyhow” Album, which is available on all digital stores.

In 2020 Maria Angeli dedicates herself to her new album “ANYHOW”, arranged and produced by Andrea Filippucci with the the participation of Francesco de Palma for the song “Caught up in a Rush”, Alessandro Omiciuolo, Layer Bows, Filippo de Laura and with mixing and mastering by Eugenio Vatta.

Maria steers towards melodic pop alternative, pulling us with her sensual voice bringin fragments of love, autobiographical memories and introspective atmospheres where she delicately discloses a journey of life, with distant memories and stories from the past. All this gives life to a trilogy of videos conceived in the form of short art films, the first of which is “Caught up in a Rush”, with unpublished materials and the careful direction of Matteo Zenini, confirming that indissoluble link between art and music which recognizes Maria Angeli’s experienced talenti, making her a profound and unforgettable artist.


Listen below (Maria Angeli – Caught Up In A Rush) via our Pop playlist:

Stream the full Album below:

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