Eleven presents: Wotts – Return Flight

Wotts, an Ottawa-based pop duo, has released their new single “Return Flight” which is available now on all digital stores.

Musically, ‘Return Flight” mixes diverse influences in a fun and ambitious cocktail, from rap to indie-pop mood in a contemporary pop sound that spread magical vibes. Inspired by artists like Childish Gambino and Mac Miller, wotts duo creates a catchy, uplifting, and melodically charming song, a mix of beautiful vocals and synthesizers, don’t miss it!

BEHIND THE SCENES, LET’S KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Experimentation has always been the name of the game when it comes to wotts. Beginning as a hip hop act, the last year has seen the group departing from its roots and embracing a wide variety of pop influences including Tame Impala, Mac Miller and M83. Such a drastic change for a band is always risky, but given the reception to their new sound, it appears to be a step in the right direction. Before making this move, wotts released five hip hop projects, many of which scored critical acclaim. The group’s debut EP a was released in 2014 and received praise from CBC Radio and Metro News; as well as PopMatters, which gave the project a 9/10. Subsequent releases saw nods from Hip Hop Canada, Apartment 613 and the Ottawa Citizen among others. Off the momentum of these projects, the group scored spots in Canada’s festival circuit, including RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, Canadian Music Week and JUNOfest. After the departure of three members in early 2018, wotts began to stray from their foundation of ‘traditional hip hop’. Led by the production of vocalist & multi-instrumentalist Jayem and powered by the strums of guitarist & bassist Ricky 100; the new found duo dropped their EP rivver in 2018. With it charting on college radio in Canada, the group used this momentum to continue to evolve their sound. After some studio experimentation, 2021 saw wotts drop a string of well received indie pop tunes, including “97 Oakleys”, “Before” and “Hangnail”. This all culminated with the release of their record COLONIES in August of that year. Since debuting their ‘new sound’, wotts has received strong accolades from blogs and media from around the globe, which has helped to reinforce the group’s decision to follow a creative path they feel best represents them.

Listen below  (Wotts – Return Flight) via our TikTok playlist:

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