Eleven presents: Ella Bee – Underwater

London-based Indie singer/songwriter and producer, Ella Bee, shared her latest single “Underwater”, which is available on all digital platforms.

Underwater’ is a dreamy, emotional, and catchy-as-hell tune, lyrically, the song explores how, at times, our goals and aspirations seem too far away to be obtained. She sings:“I’m drifting from the light, being pulled out by the tide,” she continued: “I am ready for the fight, I don’t just dream I fantasise.”

Musically ‘Underwater’ contains similar styles and mood from indie to dream pop sound, the production combines well the intense rhythm and the touching harmonies. Ella Bee also display her incredible vocal lines and her talented way to spread her deepest emotions to the listeners.

In regard to the song, she said: “‘Underwater’ is my second self-produced single. Written during lockdown, it explores how sometimes goals seem impossible to reach, drifting further away from where you want to be but knowing that you’re ready to prove yourself as a confident, independent woman who can do anything she sets her mind to. It’s about letting go of things you believe are important to make space for better things to come.”

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Ella Bee – Underwater) via our Pop playlist:

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