Eleven presents: Jana & Jorge – Time Goes Fast

Talented duo Jana & Jorge shared their latest single “Time Goes Fast”, available now on all digital stores.

Inspired by rock, pop, soul and jazz sound, they created a really well produced track with indie, soul and jazz elements combined with soulful vocals Jana’s voice that will stole your heart, don’t miss it.

BEHIND THE SCENES, LET’S KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Despite being miles apart, Jana&Jorge are a duo act going strong as they produce mesmerizing music. Jorge Luis Izquierdo is a songwriter from Peru who stumbled upon Ashley Jana’s music from New York City on the internet. Her expressive vocals and expansive collection of performances are what caught Izquierdo’s attention. Soon enough, the two started collaborating seamlessly with modern technology. While Izquierdo leverages his songwriting skills, Jana uses her experienced perspective to refine the song and its performance. Their heartfelt and moody songs mainly attract lovers of alternative, rock, and country music. The two artists work in harmony despite the physical distance. While Izquierdo writes and produces for JANA & JORGE, Jana uses her experience to refine the songs so that she can deliver an authentic and emotional vocal performance. Izquierdo and Jana share the vision of making people’s lives better with music. They believe if they have been gifted with an ability, it is their duty to use it in the best way possible – and what could be better than touching lives. To have the most impact, their ultimate goal is to spread their music far and wide.


Listen below  (Jana & Jorge – Time Goes Fast) via our Pop playlist:

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