Eleven presents: Tarn PK – Street Noise

Talented artist, producer and songwriter from Wellington, (NZ), Tarn PK, shared his latest single “Street Noise”, which is available on all digital stores.

BEHIND THE SCENES, LET’S KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST:  Having released two EP’s, ‘Fantasy’ (2019) and ‘Monarch’ (2021), and a single ‘Daylight’ (2020), Tarn is looking to explore new sonic worlds and develop a more distinct style, setting him apart from the surrounding landscape. Having focused on more stripped back songwriting in the last EP, Tarn is starting to develop his next EP of material.  Expanding into new possibilities, he’s  incorporating elements of hyper pop, alt pop and more left of centre inflections. The first single ‘Street Noise’ is a bridge from a quieter, more personal world into a more bombastic and upfront sound.

In regard to his creative process, Tarn PK said: “Creativity is a tricky thing and I definitely have an up and down relationship with it. As far as a process I try to make music regularly and not just when I’m struck by inspiration. When it comes to writing it’s usually based around a computer, but this one started on a guitar with that main chord progression that felt special to me. It’s always about finding something which triggers an emotion and from there a melody. I don’t have any rituals but reckon I should make some!”,  and speaking about “ Street Noise”, he continues: “I was working on some music that was similar to my last EP but had a slightly darker edge to it. I was really inspired by combining some more bombastic elements in the music as well as having some more simple moments. Some artists who I can hear their influence in the music would be Mustafa and James Blake”. He continues: “For me the song is about inner voices, fears and finding ways to deal with them. I really wanted to create a strong picture around the song, focused on vivid lyrics which subsequently pushed me to make an accompanying music video (my first foray into that world .This song is a gateway between the quieter, more inwards focused music of my last EP and something which is more bombastic and out there sonically”.

Tarn PK

Tarn PK creates an intensive and hypnotic production, the melody is a mix between chilled vibes and strong notes, the composition is highly creative and constantly shifting. It combines pulsating, deep synths with mellow acoustic guitar lines, with sharp glitching sounds that become more and more frequent as the track progresses. The track combines different genres from Alt-pop to indie folk influences. “Street Noise” by Tarn PK is highly listenable, interesting and full of identity. He’s an artist worth keeping an eye on, don’t miss it!


Listen below (Tarn PK – Street Noise) via our Pop playlist:

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