Eleven presents: iHATEJON – iGOTME

Alternative hip-hop artist from North Carolina iHATEJON, shared his single “iGOTME”, which is available on all digital stores.

Influenced by artists such as J. Cole, Mac Miller, Dominic Fike, Powfu, 347aidan, and Lil Peep, he creates his own style that mixes different genres, “iGOTME” includes catchy and upbeat vocals and a special fierce production, don’t miss it!

Speaking About “iGOTME”, he said: “This song is for me. I wrote and recorded this song in my bedroom in January 2021 amidst a breakup. I found myself feeling empty and incomplete without this person in my life. I finally realized that this co-dependency is not healthy and is not a product of love. It is a product of the absence of self love. I still struggle with loving myself but every time I revisit this song it reminds me that I am whole and encourages me to keep going. I want this song to do that for others as well.

BEHIND THE SCENES, LET’S KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST: He is from the rural town of Shelby, North Carolina which is only a short drive from Charlotte NC. The 23 years old and graduated from the University of South Carolina where he met producer/artist/ and friend Britton Rauscher who is a Columbia SC native. He also released another great track called “Purple Açaí” in the 2020, Discover “Purple Açaí” below!

He also released another great track called “Purple Açaí” in 2020, Discover “Purple Açaí” below!

Listen below (iHATEJON – iGOTME ) via our Tiktok playlist:

Listen below (iHATEJON – Purple Açaí ) via our Pop playlist:

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