Eleven presents: Frank Joshua – Sense Life

London-based Indie Rock/Pop singer-songwriter Frank Joshua shared his song “Sense Life” from his album called “Sense Life”, which is available on all digital stores.

Sense Life – Cover Art

A therianthropic creature is gracing the album cover because the London-based singer and songwriter doesn’t want to show his face, he prefers to let the music speak for itself and it works because his style is unique and enigmatic.

Musically “Sense Life” spread an eclectic and a charming mood, it’s amazing the mixes between the 80s vibe in the vocals and the rock/ electro pop sound, It’s interesting to hear what he communicate and how is powerful and intriguing his message and his sound.

About his debut album, he said: “That it’s a better album for working with Numen Records than it would have been had I put it out on my own. That the genius, care, and quality of producer Tony White really shines through the whole piece. But mainly, I’m so happy with the way it’s been received. A recent review called it “a timeless universe of melodic pop…”. Another said it was “…a truly enriching experience! Sophisticated, opinionated and always authentic…” It may sound wet and weird but those two made me cry a bit. It’s really scary putting yourself out there, so it really lands when you get lovely feedback from reviewers and fans alike.


Listen below (Frank Joshua – Sense Life) via our Pop playlist:

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