Eleven presents: Moon and Aries – Sneak Preview

German composer and producer Tom Aries and Canadian writer/singer Jordana Moon team up as Moon and Aries, as a musical duo, to release their track “Sneak Preview” from the album “The Arrival”, available on all digital stores.

Influenced by artists like (ABBA, BeeGees, David Bowie, Aha, Massive Attack, Portishead, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Kate Bush), they worked on their own sound, musically, ‘Sneak Preview’ mixes diverse influences from the electronic to the synth pop sound, the song is catchy and melodically charming, a mix of beautiful soulful vocals and charming electro / synth pop vibes.

Tom Aries
Jordana Moon

In Jordana Moon’s word: “The title is inspired by our love for movies and catching a sneak preview of an upcoming film you can’t wait to see. But in this case, it refers to our lives. Like prophetic insight on what’s to come. That balance between what was destined and what you are able to manifest/create each day”, she continues about “The Arrival” Album, “In February, we released The Arrival album. It has 9 songs, including Sneak Preview, and the concept of the full album is about going through a dark night of the soul/near death experience, feeling lost and lonely, into being hopeful and illuminated and finally arriving at our sought after destination, within ourselves and in the outside world. The style of the album is an infusion of synth pop and trip hop, but with a movie style way of storytelling. So we decided to create our own genre, ‘Synth Pop Opera.”


Don’t miss it!

Listen below  (Moon and Aries – Sneak Preview) via our Pop playlist:

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