Eleven presents: Orca – Ghost

Talented artist Orca from Jerusalem, Israel shared his single “Ghost”, available now on all digital stores.

Orca creates a really well produced track that mixed different genres from hip hop, R&B, to rap and pop sound, the chorus is infectious, you’ll definitely sing a long.

Speaking about his music process, he said: “My dream is to spread my music and be able to awaken love and romance in the hearts of those who listen to my music to help them achieve their romantic goals and wishes because music is a powerful thing if used correctly, it can create miracles for those who listen to it which  relates to my philosophy when it comes to music.”, he continues, “My goal is to create a movement where every member can be a part of where they can wear my mark with pride and joy a tribe that we all can belong to, which spreads the immeasurable value of music and takes care of every member where we can talk music and enjoy listening to it a musical universe if you may. but this cannot be done unless you believe in me and in what i offer as an artist, so i hope that this goal can become a reality, and i cannot wait to see you inside.”

Listen below (Orca – Ghost) via our Tiktok playlist:

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