Eleven presents: La Sante – Something Is Happening

Talented artist La Sante return with his latest single called “Something Is Happening”, which is available on all digital stores.

BEHIND THE SCENES, LET’S KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ARTISTS: La Sante is the solo music project of Nikki Nyberg (Honeymilk). His previous two singles from 2020 (“We Belong Here” and “Stick Around”) have been hyped on blogs and digital spaces, not only in Nordic countries but also around the world. Now La Sante has returned with a third single, “Something Is Happening”—marking the culmination of a beautifully coherent, nostalgic trilogy that will be included in his upcoming debut album, which is anticipated to generate a lot of buzz.

In Nikki’s own words: “So, the backstory of this track is that I wanted to capture the vibe of those sudden motions when something suddenly breaks the silence. When something really stirs the pot in life, life that sometimes feel like its going on autopilot. The sudden shift of tempo in the refrain is supposed to convey that feeling. But it’s also kind of a nod towards being out of focus, whether by substances or by simply feeling jaded. Sometimes, things HAVE to happen, in order to turn things around for the better.


Don’t miss it!

Listen below  (La Sante –  Something Is Happening) via our Pop playlist:

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