Eleven presents: Stephen James Orr, Eunice Keiten – Someone Real

Toronto-based musician Stephen James Orr teams up with singer Eunice Keiten and they shared with us their single called “Someone Real”, which is available on all digital stores.

Talking about the meeting with Eunice Keiten, Orr says:Harmony Lodge Sessions was born out of the pandemic when all music venues in Canada were shut and everyone was looking for ways to connect. HLS was a weekly virtual live music series, featuring artists from around the world on an interactive platform called Bramble, where you could interact as avatars and hang out in groups for the show! It sounds strange but it was a blast, and we had mostly sold-out shows from January to July 2021 every week.  Euni came out to one of the shows and I loved her vibe/songs so she played a future showcase and we’ve been friends ever since. Side note for her showcase on HLS – she had fans tune in all the way from Asia and South America!“.

Orr says about this sensational release:The music was inspired by neo-soul and modern pop sounds. I wanted the drums to have an electronic feel versus the acoustic kit, and to write something that had a spacey but constant groove.”

Speaking About the lyrics, he said:The lyrics for ‘Someone Real’ are about the concept of community and how challenging it can be to find genuine connections and friendships in a big city. “Everyone just living for themselves” is how it’s described in the track.”

BEHIND THE SCENES, LET’S KNOW MORE ABOUT THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Orr says: “The idea behind the video speaks to that, with two people living together but never actually interacting, until the end when they finally come together and find a genuine connection.. For the visuals, we were inspired by the new Turnstile video for ‘Mystery’ and loved the long camera shots that pan between rooms/scenes. We went with a colder colour scheme as well to tie the lyrics and visuals together. This is my first official music video for this project! The experience was incredible as the Black Jade team truly made it feel like a collaborative effort, and were endlessly creative in bringing it to life. Plus it was fun seeing the cats really hone in on their acting chops!”.


Listen below (Stephen James Orr, Eunice Keiten – Someone Real) via our Pop playlist:

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