Eleven presents: Electric High – Colorful White Lies

Talented Rock band “Electric High” from Bergen, (Norway) shared their single called “Colorful White Lies”, which is available on all digital stores.

Influenced by bands like Wolfmother, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath, Electric High is comprised of PV Staff (lead vocals), Olav Iversen (lead vocals), Marius Mørch (guitars), Einride Torvik (bass), and Tor Bjarne Bjelland (drums). The members all hail from other bands like Sahg, Faith Circus, and Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies.

PV Staff from Electric High says:Colorful White Lies is a song about «cute little lies» that turns out to have a little bit darker tunes to it, than just White. I believe that everybody can see themself in this situation. Telling a white lie, and you realize that it was not «that white». He continues: “Our guitarist, Marius, had this great lick. So I wrote the whole song around it. The lick ended up as the chorus, and I just added the bass lines and some vocals on top.”

Don’t miss it!

Listen below  (Electric High – Colorful White Lies) via our Pop playlist:

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