Eleven presents: Ally Cribb – Bigger

Talented Canadian singer-songwriter Ally Cribb shares her debut single called “Bigger”, which is available now on all digital stores.

Regarding the meaning of the track, Ally says: I remember the day when I first got the idea for Bigger. I was about to turn sixteen. It was late May and I was sitting at the piano, like any other day, playing around with notes and chords when I spontaneously played the intro of Bigger for the first time. I played it over and over so I wouldn’t forget it, and then recorded it into my phone. I must have sat there for an hour playing that little section over and over again before calling my dad into the room, and then I played with him. He instantly loved it, and I ended up writing a rough first chorus to the song on the same day. The rest of the verses came shortly after. I pieced everything together fairly quickly, stringing chords and lyrics together and filling in the pieces like a puzzle until I had the words and music you hear today. It’s a song I’m really proud of, especially the message of hope and resilience it conveys. In many ways, it reflects my experiences over the past two years working on my upcoming EP release. You can expect an eclectic collection of songs inspired by moments of joy, heartbreak, and growth.


Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Ally Cribb – Bigger) via our Pop dance playlist:

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