Eleven presents: The Kith – Closer

The Kith is an emerging house music-producing duo of two brothers born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam is famous for its electronic music industry, indeed many EDM and House DJs come from there. The city is also known worldwide for the annual Amsterdam Dance Event.

The Kith is unique as the younger of the two brothers is only 15 years old. He got into the music industry only 2 years ago but he’s learning about the house scene very quickly. One track after another will be released in Deep House, Slap House and Bass House during this start-up phase.

After the success of Tell Me Why, Closer will also be a release on the interface of Deep House and Slap House. The soft vocal is supported by the deep bass, which together introduce the track. Then the high notes in the pre drop provide a broadening feeling, allowing the typical Slap House drop to hit deep. The melodic drop with a powerful bass is the characteristic style of the song, which resembles MEDUZA.

Listen (The Kith – Closer) via our TikTok playlist below:

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