Eleven presents: Cuish – More Than Friends

“More Than Friends” by Cuish was playlisted by Spotify editorial playlist “Fresh Dance”, speaking about the meaning behind the track, Cuish said: “Well, ‘More Than Friends’ was produced two months ago when I was listening to orchestral music in my room where I liked violins and cellos, so I decided to make a song with happy melodies and orchestral instruments with tropical and deep house vibes, I like the orchestral sounds, sounds like basses, cellos, violins and pianos and the most important a good singer”.

So, we asked: Where does your passion for music come from?

He said : “When I was 10 years old I learned how to playing guitar and I had my music band. So I started to learn by myself music and i discovered my passion there.My first debut to start my music career like DJ and EDM artist was in Day Dose Of House.It’s important to mention this because they trusted me to release my song “Empty space” reaching around +120k stream on Spotify. So, since I signed with a record label I decided to explode my potential”.

What are your future projects?

He said:”It’s a secret, I can only tell you that a pretty good Blanco y negro music release is coming on February. Are you ready?”.

Listen below ( Cuish – More Than Friends).

You can also find via (Fresh Dance by spotify) and via our spotify playlist below:

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