Eleven presents: Cmagic5 – The One

Cmagic5 is a Canadian singer/songwriter and musician and she has a unique, confident and vivacious style that is representative of some of the brands she has collaborated with in the US, Canada and Dubai.

With her rich, mellifluous, soulful vocals coming from a petite frame, Cmagic5 has the power to evoke a profound response.

Her music is contemporary pop with a refreshing blend of old school vibes and futuristic sounds with the uniqueness of her sound created by fusing other sub-genres.

Hot on the heels of her recent pop release “Lego”, which is an “ode to yourself” taking her soaring to 5.5+ million plays and counting, across all streaming platforms, Cmagic5 is on fire as she has just released her new single “The One” from her highly-anticipated debut album. This is yet another showcase of Cmagic5’s prowess for exploring varied musical landscapes with profound relatable themes.

In the words of Cmagic5, “The refreshing transformative nature of the song is the perfect soundtrack for buoyant times and having a dance party now more than ever before, which is the best medicine for the current times we are living in!”

Listen below  (Cmagic5 – The One) via our Pop Dance playlist:

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