Eleven presents: Carla Stark – Naive

Carla Stark, born Carla Biset-Bentchikou, is 33 years old. With her Algerian-German mother and French father, Carla lived first in France, then in Vietnam and in India. The French-Algerian singer, Belgian at heart, now spends her time between Bombay, London and Belgium, where she settled 13 years ago. Proud of the many different sides of her personality, she describes herself as a chameleon.

She talks about her single “Naive”;

Once more after a difficult and painful experience, Carla comes to the realisation that she is unfortunately very naive.

She said:“But what, at the beginning, was supposed to be a song about the problem of being naive, ended up having a different meaning. Because I figured out that, from each and every one of those situations, as painful as they were, I always manage to find something positive to come out of it that makes up for the negative”.

“Naive” talks about this dilemma, torn between being an easy target for bad people, and the desire to keep some innocence and not become too fearful or suspicious of everything and everyone. Carla doesn’t want to change much and rather focuses on the good aspects of this naivety, that leads her to meet a lot of people and share many beautiful things.

Listen below  (Carla Stark – Naive) via our Pop Dance playlist:

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