Eleven presents: Lenox Hills – I Feel It Coming On

A Tennessee rock quartet with a raucous yet dynamic demeanor, Lenox Hills was founded in 2016 by brothers Luke (vocals, guitar) and Packy Mullin (guitar), along with Kyle Swenson (drums) and Kameron Dunn (bass).

They released their debut EP, “The Stricken Young,” in 2017; a collection of 4 songs that dealt with love, ache and the consequences of being young. Since then, the band has released a second EP (“Names”, 2020) along with various singles, refining their dense rock instincts and further developing the core musical relationships within the band. Their latest single “I Feel It Coming on” is a perfect mix between powerful melody and original sound.

Listen below  (Lenox Hills – I Feel It Coming On) via our Pop Dance playlist:

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