Eleven presents: Kai Nanfelt – Sober

Talented singer/songwriter Kai Nanfelt from the Ocean State, shared his song “Sober”, available on all digital stores.

Making music for the aimless and anxious, Kai Nanfelt wears his heart on his sleeve as he hopes that his music can be an outlet for others, much like writing is for him.

About the single, he said:“Writing emotionally is really my “bread and butter.” I’m inspired by the early-days Ed Sheeran (specifically his album +), “sad boi” style of songwriting. I’ve found this to be my only real outlet for my emotions, as I’ve had trouble communicating my feelings in the past. Additionally, I play from feeling, not musical theory, so all of my songs start with an emotion or passion. Of course, I have my more “surface-level” songs, but I’ve found my deepest pieces connect with audiences far more. I also feel more connected to these songs personally, and don’t need to “perform” them – I just let my emotions take control. I place a heavy influence on mental health (and other sensitive subjects) in a lot of my writing, because no one talks about that in their music today. There is a massive void, and I think my songs can make a huge impact on the lives of listeners. I’ve too often seen shallow music hitting it big, and wonder why they didn’t spend more time on the message behind the song. It’s all about the lyrics!”.

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Kai Nanfelt – Sober) via our Tiktok playlist :

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