Eleven presents: Rob Late, Sam Way – Closer

Rob Late & Sam Way return with “Closer”, available on all digital stores.

Sam Way and Rob Late.

Musically, ‘Closer’ mixes diverse influences (indie, pop and relaxing chill vibes on the chorus).

The song is catchy and melodically charming, a mix of beautiful vocals and charming pop music.

Rob Late.

In Rob’s own words : “Closer is a fun, high energy love song about being open with your feelings and trusting your instincts. Transparent honesty & often naive optimism is at the core of pop music to me, and if this record doesn’t get you moving, nothing will”.

Sam Way

Sam said: “Music was then, as it is now, a way to speak my truth, a release, my therapist and truly food for the soul. All the notable chapters of my life have been captured in song like this and I truly believe in the power of music to heal and transform. Fans of my work often feel the same and I feel deeply proud and connected to my ever growing musical community that carry my songs and sentiments close to their hearts”.

Don’t miss it!


Don’t miss it!

Listen below  (Rob Late, Sam Way – Closer) via our TikTok playlist:

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