Eleven presents: Doc Delight – Take Your Time (Interview)

Artist Doc Delight shared his track “Take Your Time”, available on all digital stores.

We’re happy to share more news about him and his single via our interview below!

Could you tell us more about your single “Take Your Time”?

«Hell yeah I can! I’m still excited about this one ‘cause it was my first release to be made public and I still love it. I also tell the story of how it was made to people who don’t believe in this “new age internet collab thing” because this was all possible due to a facebook post of me asking for someone to sing on it. A good (real life) friend of mine is to mention here (J.M.W) since he also took part in the instrumental of the track!»

About his sound inspiration, he said: “I would say the headline of “summer house” tunes from the last years would be a good start here. I’ve no specific track or artist in mind, but you could say EDX, Croatia Squad, Robin Schulz or similar sexy-summer-vibe folks”.

Talking about his passion for the music, he comments: “Splendid question – I have no idea. I could say it runs in the family, my dad had a band when he was younger and so forth, but I really don’t know. I started out, I must have been 12 years old, by trying to recreate all kinds of music I loved. Mostly what would be considered “gaming” music today. In Austria/Germany “HandsUp” was a well known genre at the time – but I think it’s not a well known term elsewhere?”.

At the end, speaking about the future, he said: “Many, and counting. My most recent release was with the great “Leann” from France, it’s called “TNDA” and somehow it turned out to be as if an orchestra was playing at Tomorrowland. It’s been getting some great feedback which I really enjoyed!Next one will be a Singer-Songwriter-Hardtrap-Hybrid (i should put that on a t-shirt) with the amazing “Dom Malin” from the UK.Probably some remixes and goofy shit inbetween – who knows??.”

So let’s see, in meantime don’t miss to listen “Take Your Time”.

Listen “Doc Delight – Take Your Time” via our TikTok playlist below:

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