Eleven presents: Joem – Copper Ground

Indipendent pop artist “Joem” from Helsinki (Finland) is back with her latest single “Copper Ground”, available now on all digital stores.


“Copper Ground” is a poetic ode for the nature, from the autumn to winter, the single brings warmth and ease with it that soothes any anxious souls.

Inspiration for the single came to her while she walked through the woods close to her home, the song is magic with cinematic vibes and over a silk-smooth instrumental that incorporates her powerful voice that shines against the melody and brings the poetic lyrics to life.

Listeners will instantly be captivated by the lyricism and the thoughtfulness of the song.  If you’d like to check it out, see below!

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Joem – Copper Ground) via our Pop playlist :

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