Eleven presents: Jozie_ramone – Lord Jozie

hip hop/R&B Visionary artist Jozie_ramone shared his album called “Lord Jozie”, available on all digital stores.

His latest album,“Lord Jozie”, is a 9 track album that has a run time of just over 21 minutes. Jozie seeks to create and express, like most artists but does so with a flair only he can manage.

Lord Jozie” album contains nice tracks: “Hob Goblin”, “Listen To Your Parents”, “Jozie Wales”, “Insane”, “Skull Sized Hell”, “Fiend Cuisine”, “Dumb Bitch”, “Stussy Coffin” and “Leave”.

Inspired by Rap, hip hop and R&B music, he follow artists like eazy, Eminem and Kanye, he describes his music as enigmatic, defiant, uncanny.

In regard to his production process, he said: “I produce all my stuff. Typically if I like what im making I write to it after freestyling a bit. if I don’t feel it I don’t force it. I show up every day to put in the work but im okay with not having a certain outcome. Its about having fun for me. I do this to leave society behind. Its boring, bland and life sucking and music is my escape.”

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Jozie_ramone – Jozie_ramone) via our Tiktok playlist:

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