Eleven presents: meadowhip – Getting Messy

Talented singer/songwriter/poet meadowhip shares her latest single called “Getting Messy”, which is available on all digital stores.

Influenced by artists like Solange, Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean and Blondie, meadowhip fuses introspective, impatient and irreverent lyrics with pop melodies and elements of psychedelic soul, alt-R&B and jazz. meadowhip is an exploration of self and society from Cara’s perspective. As she puts it, “I’m here to discuss the big three – capitalism, patriarchy, and myself.”

Getting Messy presents an ethereal soundscape, with swirling and hypnotic guitars complimenting bright, jangly synths, all atop a luscious bass line and pulsating drum beat that Kevin Parker would be proud of.

This is a song about contradiction, self-rationalisation, and what it’s like to have obsessive tendencies, limited impulse control and an internet connection, in fact, about her song, meadowhip said: “I’m pretty consistently trying to self-analyse, or reason with myself. Talk myself out of some rubbish behaviour or thought pattern. The internal dialogue in this track is only a snippet of what’s going on in my head basically all the time”.

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (meadowhip – Getting Messy) via our Pop playlist :

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