Eleven presents: La Dharma – Do You Know Why?

Talented band La Dharma return with their new single “Do You Know Why?”, available on all digital stores.

La Dharma are fronted by Chris Leedham (Vocals and Synth), Tom Rushton (Guitar) Jo Cartledge (Bass) and Jack Ensor (Drums). The band’s impressive single is a mix of their musical prowess and a nod to the classic artists they so admire.  Inspired by the vintage approach of 80s classic song writing it draws influence from the likes of  Joy Division, The Cure, The 1975, Sam Fender, Sigur Ros.

In regards of their new single, they said:“This song is a victory song coming out the other side of a period of creative suppression brought about by being stuck within the same 4 walls. We want it to be a song you can stick on when your happy or sad and take what you need from it, that’s what we do every time we perform it”.

Don’t miss it!

Listen now (La Dharma – Do You Know Why?) via our Tiktok playlist:

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