Eleven presents: Salt – Tumbleweed

Talented band Salt, shared their latest single “Tumbleweed”, which is available on all digital stores.

BEHIND THE SCENES, LET’S KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Salt are a family band made up of husband and wife Robin Woods, Sharon Woods long time good friends James King and Simon Kettles. Salt started four years ago, by accident.  Sharon was in a pop band in the late 80s called the Ruby Suit. Robin, Sharon’s husband, did not know that Sharon was the main songwriter. 

In regard to their music process, they said: “During the first lockdown we were approached by HX Records from London to release a vinyl record.  Our recording technique was progressing along with our songwriting. We put together the album called Cellophane from pre lockdown recordings.  The album was blue vinyl, we wanted white or pink but had to settle for blue. The record shops were all shut, so it is a bit of a rarity.  It’s very good”. They continued: “During the second lockdown we were approached by another London company to release a series of three songs digitally.  We recorded the songs and they mixed and produced them. After Cellophane HX Records wanted to do a follow up.  So we embarked on Fairytale in Fire.  This album has been more purposeful and has our best songs.  We still record ourselves, Robin has progressed his recording technique.  Endless Youtube videos have helped here.  Doing everything ourselves means the recording process is as much a creative process as the song writing”.

Tumbleweed” it’s an energetic and fierce folk-rock song combined with solid guitar work, cool rhythm and incredible vocals, don’t miss it!

Listen below  (Salt – Tumbleweed) via our Pop playlist:

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