Eleven presents: Enid – And I

Talented Band Enid shared their latest single called “And I”, available on all digital stores.

The band’s second single “And I” symbolizes the emotional downfall. This angel who fell from heaven finds himself in a painful earthly life, sown with traps, moments of doubt and fear. However, And I is above all intended to be a message of hope: mutual aid, solidarity, empathy make it possible to heal all wounds and to reach fullness thanks to which everything becomes possible.

BEHIND THE SCENES, LET’S KNOW MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST: Enid’s music is an escape into a chimerical world imbued with dreams, myths and poetry. The compositions are born from the fusion of the respective universes of Nawal and Pascal, founding members of the group. But Enid is also Alex’s aerial melodies and sharp riffs on guitar, Bruno’s groove and sense of rhythm on bass, and Mathieu’s technical precision and musical feeling on second guitar. Five musicians like the five fingers of the hand whose involvement and the desire to share fuel the flame of Enid.


Listen (Enid – And I) via our Tiktok playlist below:

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