Eleven presents: Lee Switzer-Woolf – Scientific Automatic Palmistry’

Artist Lee Switzer-Woolf shared his debut album called ‘Scientific Automatic Palmistry’, which is available on all digital stores.

The Album contains ten tracks and was influenced by alternative pop/indie sound and modern folk/ Folktronica style, let’s know more about the artist and his music process.

Lee Switzer-Woolf says about the release, “The aim was to capture the rawness of home recording (that personal essence we all love about listening to our favourite artist’s demos) but add elements such as simple folktronica style beats and some production polish.” He continues, “The songs are lyric-focussed and introspective, dealing mainly with our relationships with ourselves and our personal history.”

In regard to the story behind the project, he said: “This is the first time I’ve ever released music on my own, under my own name. It’s an album that came together over the lockdown of 2021, and while I definitely didn’t want it to be an album that was ABOUT lockdown (which I’ve seen described as Covid-core, great name for it), that time obviously had a profound effect on it. If there was one thing the majority of us had in abundance over the last couple of years it’s time to over-think. That was too much for me in 2020, and I barely wrote anything I was happy with, but I was determined to break that cycle, so I started digging through old ideas, which quickly developed into formulating new ones. The result is, I hope, a really organic collection of songs that capture the essence of over-thinking. From internal struggles, anxieties and paranoia, to the type of cut and shut memories from your past that your brain chucks at you when you’re struggling to sleep.”

Don’t miss it!

Listen below (Lee Switzer-Woolf – The Negative Twin from “Scientific Automatic Palmistry” Album) via our Pop playlist:

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